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We specialise in solving problems to produce intelligent
designs, deliver engaging experiences and
build meaningful connections.


Increase your share of that £100 billion market.

Responsive Design

We will provide a responsive design and also we will develope template

Web Security

Ccomprehensive protection against advanced threada and data theft across the entire kill chain


Content strategy, Link building, PPC. Pushing your website to the top of Google.


Our help is on hand for those moments when you need assistance.


Cloud networks, global resillience, bandwidth and disk space.


Customer loyalty through clever apps for touchscreen devices.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Pixels and Vectors. The pretty stuff that makes your heart pound.


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Here are my some expertise in some languages.!

HTML 100%
CSS/CSS3 70%
jQuery 40%
Javascript 65%
XML 40%
C 30%
JAVA 25%
PHP 50%
SQL 80%
VB.NET 35%

About ME

Asad Ali

Web Developer

Hello! My name is Asad Ali. I live in Karachi and currently I am doing BS(CS)
from Newport’s Institute Of Communication & Economics.

“I am working as a Professional Web Developer at Khwarizmi Application & System. I have 1 year Experience in Web Development. I have done so many projects such as E-Commerce, Business, Portfolio and Fashion and also CMS System. My Expertise in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Jquery, Php. I just love to do my work professionally. I take care of my clients by benefiting them with flexible quality solutions. You will never get disappointed with my professional services.”

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

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